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요약: When trying to creating a simple C++ designtime package that might refer to ‘DesignIntf’,’DesignEditors, the Delphi compiler complains that 'DesignIntf.dcu' and 'Proxies.dcu'cannot be found.

When trying to compile a C++ package that refers to DesignIntf, DesignEditors in say, a pascal unit you might see errors as follows:

[DCC Error] XXXX.pas(X): F1026 File not found: 'DesignIntf.dcu'

Or if you add the DesignEditors.pas location to the project’s "search path", the error is:

[DCC Error] DesignEditors.pas(609): F1026 File not found:'Proxies.dcu'

This issue is documented in readme for BDS2006. This is the note from BDS 2006's readme file:


C++ Notes
If you are creating a C++ Package that contains a Delphi unit thatuses the DesignIntf and DesignEditors tools, you must choose Project|Options|Pascal Compiler|Other Options and then add
"-LUDesignIDE" for the compiler to work correctly.

So in CB2007/RAD Studio 2007, all you need to do is:

Project|Options|Pascal Compiler|Other Options|"Use these packages when
compiling", then add "DesignIDE" in the combobox. 

Author: Roy Nelson

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